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Une jolie petite chorégraphie. Les danseuses sont vraiment au top :)

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pure la honte ,
vous vous etes petez la gueule les blondes haha

hasnae22425301/05/2008 15:59

elle s'tappe tro la honte cette naz de blonde

anonime30/06/2008 13:23

Boy was I in a different diinesmon when I read this post. I began it wondering what 'vacuous' had to do with irrational fears, then I left your diinesmon and was thinking about all the irrational fears I had during my son's recent hospital admission. It does not help anyone to be an RN when your child is the patient. I spent my time wondering if his meds would cause an electrolyte imbalance and send him into a fatal arrhythmia, if someone would give him the wrong dose and kill him, if he would have a sudden cardiac arrest from increased vagal stimulation, if he would go into anaphylaxis from a drug allergy.... talk about irrational. Then I read the rest of the post. OH, ok. I get it now. -Christine

4ccgATrW23/06/2013 06:52

qu'est ce qu'ils sont nuls vos commentaires ! Pire que des blondes !

banane00701/07/2015 22:26

Many many qualtiy points there.

5Xn1rg1gCjC13/11/2015 14:36

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4emvsde814/11/2015 11:52

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m601DJWrWFAy22/11/2015 20:12

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opWoC9hEWqb24/11/2015 07:02

vos commentaires sont vraiment débiles !

bobo18/12/2015 04:11

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