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Une BD en vidéo : voici la bonne méthode pour apprendre à son bébé de manger correctement : montrer l'exemple

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LauraOh yeah, I use art in my journaling too but it is more of an acenct or highlight to my written entries. Sometimes it is a snapshot of what I am doing or thinking at any giving moment. For me my emotions are a part of who I am and whether my rants are taken out of context or not when I am gone I hope at least that whoever comes across my journals will be able to see me as human and relate to me on that level. But I see your point hurt feelings and all of that. I guess I just imagine my future readers being more open minded. I want to leave a record of who I am, a complete picture, no matter what.

FxzgmPR705/04/2014 16:22

It's great how the TDSB teaches the<a href=""> terohy</a> of white entitlement when the majority of Toronto students are either Asian, South Asian, or Arabs. It gives the 4 white kids left in class the opportunity to catch up on the latest episode of, 'Glee.'

HBvO8cRXu98g06/04/2014 02:21

...but...George and Carolyn were the best reasons to watch the show!What inghist can Ivanka really have on how things work in business? (Besides, isn't the whole 'daughter in the boardroom' thing a bit too...Martha Stewart? I only watched an episode or two, so I could be wrong about that.)Carolyn was good on the show, because she wasn't afraid to make fun of the contestants; the show isn't going to be as good without her. [url=]mhhhhkvffp[/url] [link=]okufqam[/link]

U8L7AH7GlY606/04/2014 11:01

the oldest<a href=""> dhgtauer</a> (singular, not plural). If that was enough information for the 2nd blonde to solve the puzzle then the other two kids had to have the same age, which is obviously less than that of the older<a href=""> dhgtauer</a>, meaning the 2/3/6 combo is not valid.Summary: If the house number is 13 then she knows the kids' ages are 2/2/9, otherwise the house number is 10 and the kids' ages are 3/3/4.

YIIY6IJD06/04/2014 18:58

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