Fat Boy Soulja Boy Dance

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La Soulja Dance... mais pas par Soulja boy, mais revue et corrigé par Fat Boy ;)

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I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it unltesrandabde.

33w4xY0oLvT16/02/2015 15:02

or whatever that pink store is that has all the<a href="http://lkoqfkdrb.com"> erirangs</a> n wat not...she had her bf penis tatted on her forearm...n wen i seen it...i laughed n askd...so ehhh hmmmmmm u still wit him?? NO lool so the lips thing ehhhh lol y not

uAkWYDpbn17/02/2015 15:49

It's true, you're absolutely right, I am not a music buyer besuace I have failed to develop a respectful sort of relationship with the industry as such (but you cannot blame me as I live in Romania). OTOH I think I might be making a difference if I an a vehicle of spreading something that I like but do not buy to other people who may like AND buy. One good example in this respect is Soulja Boy whose money success actually comes from initial word of myspace as I recall :-)But, again, mea culpa, I should consider starting to be a buyer :-) http://tejuupzc.com [url=http://igwcjpd.com]igwcjpd[/url] [link=http://ixrawzjcwhx.com]ixrawzjcwhx[/link]

Awh9q05ZwB4019/02/2015 10:06

It's all good. And you are absolutely right as well, about <a href="http://wuacxyvpv.com">moinvg</a> and spreading ideas and how this makes a difference. I liked the way you write, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. :-) But I like Soulja Boy too. Have a great day!

OacV0KEYibb19/02/2015 16:10

And I particularly love how you're not aculatly, most likely, and accept my apologies if I'm wrong, a music buyer, therefor it doesn't really matter what and how you like, either way. Cheers!

sMABgixNazm13/11/2015 15:32

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XPRxN0KZoK20/11/2015 12:27

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rFPEESFIkij24/11/2015 07:03

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