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On comprend pas grand chose aux pubs japonaises, mais c'est souvent un grand moment de fraicheur de ou de bonne humeur.. comme dans cette pub pour une pizza où je me demande le rapport avec l'espèce de danceur toutouyoutou.. :)

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I wanted to litsen to this podcast a second time before commenting, but after reading these comments I thought I'd throw mine in just for some quick balance. First, I am someone who has found many of the previous Masocast's frustratingly short. In most things I subscribe to the leave them wanting more philosophy, so I was fine with it, but I really appreciated the extra ten or fifteen minutes and the deeper conversation it allowed. So, count me in as a fan of the longer format.As for Mistress Yin, I've never had a session with her or met her, but I'm a big fan of her blog. For me, she epitomizes the serious professional domme who is doing pro-BDSM as both a personal commitment and professional discipline. People all over the world find ways to do things that they love or have a deep connection to and get paid for doing them, so why shouldn't a pro domme be any different? As for the interview itself, it was excellent and added another dimension to someone whose voice through the written word is already multi-faceted. I hope you do a follow-up with her. My favorite Masocasts so far have been Yin's, Sade's, and Alex's so count me in as someone who is interested in interviews with articulate and intelligent pro-dommes.

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